Apple Sidecar, an aspiring artist's perspective


Earlier this year, during WWDC, Apple has announced tons of new things, including Apple Sidecar and the new iPad OS; iPadOS 13.

Also, earlier this year I started drawing again.

So, basically Apple Sidecar allows you to connect your iPad with your Mac, making possible to use it as an external display, very similar what Luna Display is doing since last year, if I’m not wrong. When I first saw Apple’s announcement the first thing it came to my mind - and probably everyone else into digital drawing - was that Apple just kicked Wacom business into oblivion. I think I was wrong.

Don’t get me wrong. Apple Sidecar is great, it works amazingly well and it’s very easy to setup, you just select your iPad as a display target and that’s it, basically.

Now, I know both iPadOS and macOS Catalina are still in beta and a lot o things can change until October, when we expect the final update to be available, but the thing is, iPad lacks hover tracker support, and the probably most used to draw software nowadays a.k.a Photoshop doesn’t recognize iPad and Apple Pencil as a pressure sensitivity device, that is really an unfortunate, because these 2 features are pretty much needed if you are into digital drawing.

I really hope the upcoming new iPad Pro have hover tracker, or something that allows Apple pencil to be tracked without the need of touching the pen tip on the screen, that would be very much appreciated!