Lucas da Silva - Software Developer

I enjoy crafting accessible user interfaces for the Web and iOS.

Recent work

Magnetis - 2019 / 2020

I worked with both web development and mobile development using React and React Native.

I was part of Astro's team, Magnetis Design System, mantaining and developing new components for both Astro and Astro Galaxy.

HelloFresh - 2017 / 2018

I worked as a Front-End Developer for the Refer a Friend (RAF) squad, in the growth tribe. As part of RAF squad, I help them to improve Referral's program conversion rate by developing RAF's dashboard for both Referral and Freebie programs.

I also co-create HelloFresh's design system, working closely with UX designers from the idealisation to deliver of the project.

Garage Born - 2016

I joined Garage Born as a Software Developer with the goal to develop Mttrs; a news aggregator app for iOS and Android, built with React Native and GraphQL.

I was also responsible for improving the app's release process, using Fastlane to automate versions deployments to App Store and Google Play.

For more, check out my résumé by clicking here.