Goodbye, 2017


This post is just to remember some moments that happened throughout this year for me, it’s a very simple summary.

I started 2017 trying to get a new job, this time outside of Brazil. At that time I was working remotely for a company in São Paulo, building a cool app with React Native. It was a really nice experience and I miss those days. But, you know, new year, new things… and I always wanted to live the experience of working and living abroad.
I’ve tried a lot in the past, but, this time finally I got it, after weeks of testing and interviews, I received an offer to work as a Front-End Developer at HelloFresh, in Berlin!

ReactLondon - London - England

So moving on, to the end of March, I had everything booked for a short one week trip to London, where I would help at ReactLondon conference, as a volunteer, and, of course, explore the city a little bit… but I still had to schedule an appointment to get my German work visa, fortunately, everything works well, and I managed to schedule everything for after my trip to London.

Ah, London, what can I say? Beautiful city, an amazing experience was that one week there. I miss London so much, hopefully I’ll be back there with more time next year.

The St. James Park - London

Walking through the city... I mean, the park

React London logo on the wall - London

Such a beautiful piece of wood :)

Bridge and Big Ben - London

Tributes to the victims of the terrorist attack of 2017

Parliament Square - London

London classic

The View from The Shard - London

Amazing view!

Hyde Park - London

One of the most beautiful parks I've ever been

After London…

Back to the German visa thing, in the earlier April, I went to another state, Rio Grande do Sul to get my visa done. After one week, I’ve received my visa and then, I was ready to go. To Berlin. To work for HelloFresh. Away from my family and friends. Well, that sounds a little sad and maybe scary, and you know what, it was.

Moving to Berlin was the most intense thing that happened this year for me. I won’t describe all the details here, but since the day I received the offer, it was an intense rush to get the visa, schedule the flight and all the bureaucracy things involved. I was very fortunate to have HelloFresh backing me up providing all the support I would need to moving abroad.

So, on April 26th, I left Brazil. CWB > GIG > LIS > TXL.
I spent 12 hours and Lisbon, well usually that’s not a big deal, you can do a lot of cool things in a new city with 12 hours, but…, I couldn’t sleep in the airplane. I was like a zombie walking in the Lisbon airport.

Just a charming building in Portugal - Lisbon

Sunny Lisbon

After my 12 zombie hours in Lisbon, plus 2.5 to 3 hours to flying to Berlin from Lisbon, I finally arrived and went straight to the hotel. I don’t need to say that I slept like a child, do I?

Overall, Berlin exceeded my expectations, the city is so vibrant, a mix of different cultures that compose to a city which dynamics are so unique.

TV Tower, people, bus and buildings - Berlin

Something old and something not that new

Brandenburger Tor - Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate

TV Tower - Berlin

Sunny day in Berlin

Potsdamer Platz - Berlin

Yet another sunny day...

Bike and trees in Berlin

The view from a restaurant in Berlin

React Native EU - Wrocław - Poland

Last year, after ReactEurope, the good folks from Callstack announced a conference focused on React Native, the React Native EU.
Living in Europe, I thought, why not go as a volunteer again? And so I did, once they released conference dates, I applied as a volunteer and on September 5th, I flew to Wrocław for yet another awesome conference.

React Native Europe stage - Wroclaw

Amazing panel!

Sky Tower - Wroclaw

Tallest building in Poland

Lots of books - Wroclaw

Really neat!

Scream for me, Edinburgh - Scotland!

Bruce Dickinson was launching a book; “What does this button do?”, and with that, he was doing a series of presentation in the UK about his book and other things. I’ve never been to Scotland before, so why not? I took some vacations day and went there. I loved that city!

A famous monument in Edinburgh

Beautiful architecture!

Bruce Dickinson's book - Edinburgh

What does this button do? Awesome book!

Hory Rood view - Edinburgh

No words for this view!

Hory Rood lake - Edinburgh

A sunny day in Edinburgh

Hory Rood entrance - Edinburgh

Which path would you take?

Wrapping up

And here I’m, back in Brazil for vacations, after 9 months in Berlin, living and working there. Well, this was a very special year for me, and I’m very thankful for all the support of my family and friends in this journey!